Archived information on the JETAA Midwest Regional Conference

Saturday, March 7th –

7:00 a.m. Breakfast buffet – Trofi Restaurant, hotel lobby

Bus departs for JCCC meeting space at 9:35 (Business Attire)

10:00 Opening Ceremony – Welcome Addresses and first Guest Speaker

11:00 Working with other Japan-related organizations

Guest speaker, Carole Owsley, Moderator, Greater Kansas City Japan Council

45 min. discussion of ways we can and do work with other JRO’s

12:00 National and International Issues – US Country Rep, Ryan Hart

Discussion of issues impacting the Midwest from the Nat. and Int’l Conf.

12:30 New NPO proposal – Explanation and Background

Presentation by Randall Crowder and Warren McAllen on expanded NPO Project

1:00 Lunch (Possible speaker on NPO creation or Q&A on NPO proposal)

1:45 GIA – Explanation of current procedures and self-calculating forms.

Presentation by CLAIR representative Taichi Hanzawa updating GIA procedures

Explanation of self-calculating GIA forms created by HJETAA Treas.

John Drakey and Chapter Rep Warren McAllen

Q&A with CLAIR and HJETAA representatives

3:15 CMS Update (Live with Paul Donovan, technology permitting)

3:30 Break

4:00 Membership Issues

Roundtable discussion on developing and maintaining a strong membership, member

database and the Value-added concept

5:00 Sub-Chapter Issues

Open discussion of Sub-chapter problems and solutions led by Sub-chapter Rep’s

6:00 Chapter Activities

Eight min. summary of each chapter’s activities followed by compilation of the best

ideas and how they can be applied to other chapters in the region

7:00 Return to Hotel – Relax, Refresh, Change for dinner (Business Casual)

Hotel Lobby – informal but moderated continuation of session topics

Depart for Westport at 7:35 p.m.

8:00 Dinner, Matsu Japanese Restaurant in Westport Historical District

Seating by topic to facilitate continued discussion

Guest Speaker –

Sunday, March 8th –

Business Casual

7:00 ~ 11:30 a.m. Brunch – Moderated summation of session topics followed by informal discussions

on unresolved issues, seating by topic

Please check out and join us by 10:00 a.m.

11:45 Guest Speaker, Closing remarks by officials and host chapter

12:30 Open discussion – Delegates, Officials and Guests

Discussion of topics not covered but submitted for consideration

Recommendations to Country Rep for future conferences

1:00 ~ Shuttle delegates to KC International Airport

or as necessary Discussions will continue until all delegates have been sent on their way.

Delegates flying with checked baggage should plan to depart one hour and forty-five

minutes before their flight.