TIME: SATURDAY, MARCH 6, 10:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

    Check-in/Registration:  10:30-11:00

Contest& events:   11:00 – 4:00

(Times are general, events will run back to back)

    • 11:00   Welcome, Introductions, Information
    • Greetings from JAS and Japanese Consulate
    • Proficiency Exam information
    • Introduction of teachers, judges and special guests
    • 11:15  Poetry Recitation

11:30-12:00 Lunch and set up for skits – peruse the Bazaar

    • 12:00  Skit performance
    • 12:30  announce mail-in winners / post results
    • 12:40  Kana Quiz (HS only)
        • Kanji Bee (Beginning – HS & College Division)
    • Kanji Bee (Intermediate – HS & College Division)
    • Kanji Bee (Advanced)
    • 2:00  Taiko Workshop (pre-registration required to participate)
    • 2:45  Taiko Performance – Olathe Ki Daiko
    • 3:10  Talent Show
    • 3:45  Door Prizes
    • Awards and Closing

Lunch:     11:00-1:30 (or until we run out)

Bazaar:     11:00- 3:00

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Competition is open to High School, College and Independent study students of Japanese at beginning and intermediate levels of proficiency. Trophies & gift certificates will be awarded to the top three finalists of each event.

Events include:

Kana Bee (High School only-1st year Japanese)

Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Kanji Bee (HS and College Divisions),

Poetry Recitation (choose from selection provided)

Skit Performance – NEW THIS YEAR: Skits should depict a Japanese folk story

Haiku Contest * (Mail-in Contest )

Calligraphy/ Shodo Contest (Mail-in Contest)

Other exciting offerings include:

Delicious Japanese Set Lunch

($6 includes ticket for a Subarashii door prize)

Taiko workshop (only $5 pre-registration required)

Talent Show (strut your stuff!)

Japanese Proficiency Exam information

Bazaar (lots of cool stuff for sale!)

Entertainment by Olathe Ki Daiko

This contest is hosted by the Olathe District Schools Japanese Program and sponsored by:

Consul General of Japan at Chicago and the

Heart of America Japan America Society and the JET Alumni Association

Other support provided by University of Kansas Center for East Asian Studies and the Shawnee Mission – CIS

For further information, please contact:

Dianne Daugherty: ddaughertyon@olatheschools.com

Carolyn Goodrick : cgoodrickonw@olatheschools.com

Mindy Looney: mlooneyoe@olatheschools.com

Registration deadline: February 26nd, 2010

Registration fee: $10

(includes T-Shirt, Mail-in & March 6 events)

Contact Warren if you’d like to help.